Kanata Archery Club Rules

All members of the Kanata Archery Club are required to abide by all Club rules and regulations at all times. For questions please don't hesitate to contact a member of our Executive Team.

  1. No broadheads at any time in any butt targets or 3D targets. Field points only. Bow hunters needing to practice with broadheads are required to provide their own cube or broadhead targets. You may also use the Brodhead sandbox located in the field area.
  2. Garbage. What you bring in you bring out.
  3. Smokers. Treat your cigarette buts as garbage.
  4. No ATVs, Bicycles, or any motorized vehicles at any time in field or along 3D target trail.
  5. An attendant must accompany any person requiring a wheelchair or walker.
  6. 3D target trail is a one way only traffic area. If you start the trail you must complete it. For safety reasons there is no reverse travel along the trail.
  7. Please bring all lost and found articles to the field range area for member ID and pick up.
  8. Youth 17 years of age and under must be under adult supervision at all times.
  9. All incidents and accidents must be reported to the any member of the KAC Executive Team A.S.A.P.
  10. Please do your best to withdraw arrows gently in order to reduce damage to targets.
  11. No hunting at any time.
  12. Make sure that all persons around you are aware of your whereabouts when you are searching for arrows.
  13. Crossbow archers should step back from 3D targets for less penetration and easier arrow retrieval.
  14. All numbered signs for each target are recommended shooting positions however walk-ups are permitted.
  15. When shooting field butt targets please shoot 3 arrows per set at one time.
  16. There are NO walk-ups when shooting field butt targets.
  17. All archery safety rules must be respected and applied when using Field Range or 3D Trail Range. Example: All archers will call clear before retrieving arrows to alert others of their intentions.
  18. No drawing of bows or shooting upwards towards the sky at anytime.
  19. Kanata Archery Club is not responsible for theft or damage to personal equipment while visiting the range.
  20. Parking is permitted along the road in front of our Field Target Area and along the road in area of outhouse and also by the start area of 3D Trail Range.
  21. Do not shoot at anything other than targets provided. Definitely NO shooting across roads or fields at any time.
  22. Do not drive across fields at any time. All vehicles must use roads provided to cross to trail areas.
  23. The use of alcohol and drugs are prohibited on range property at all times.