"Archery for Beginners" Course

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Our "Archery for Beginners" Course is a certified program that we at Kanata Archery Club have created to promote archery in the community and to give everyone starting from age 12 an opportunity to try something new while learning it from a professional. Click here to view the entire course package including registration forms.

Note: All youth members 17 and under must be accompanied by parent/guardian for all classes.

Step 1 - Registration:  Registration will be held one week prior to beginning the course.

Step 2 - Cost and Duration:   $125.00/student. All fees are non-refundable.

Classes are spread out over a two week period.

Students must attend all classes to complete the course.

Note: All classes are by request priority. All request for lessons are entered into a class list and will be contacted by date entered. As volunteers we do our best to accommodate all requests for classes.

Step 3 - Insurance: All athletes are responsible for their insurance portion of our registration. Each athlete must be registered members in good standing with the A.O., (Archery Ontario). All required forms and waivers must be completed, signed and handed in with fees one week prior to commencing classes. A.O. requests one week notice for processing insurance. A.O. Insurance Membership cards will be mailed out to each member within 3 or 4 weeks. These forms may be found on our Membership page.

Step 4 - Scheduling: Our training period is from May 1st to September 1st according to instructor/coaches availability.

Coaches will contact participants and set up a schedule that will accommodate students, instructors and coaches.

Step 5 - Location: K.A.C. Outdoors Range Beavertail Rd. Back up indoor facility for bad weather conditions T.B.A by instructor/coaches.

Step 6 - Equipment: All bows, arrows, arm guards, finger tabs, targets, etc. required for classes will be supplied by K.A.C. instructor/coaches.

Step 7 - Forms: A.O. Insurance Registration forms, waivers and fees. K.A.C. Medical Form is required for all participants. Click here to download our medical form.

K.A.C. Registration form and fees: Membership page.

Step 8 - Directions to Kanata Archery Club: Please visit our locations page for more details and an interactive google map on how to find us.

K.A.C. Training Coordinator:  Mike Leeder

Additional Notes:

What type and weight of bow should I buy?

Safety - First * A bow with a draw weight that is to heavy can cause over straining resulting in pain or even damage to arms, shoulders and back muscles.

* The best way to determine your equipment needs is through classes and proper instruction.

* K.A.C. instructors/coaches will supply all the equipment for our students for classes before they go out and buy anything. After 6 classes students will know if they want to continue with the sport of archery. Our Coaches will determine eye dominance, draw length and draw weight for each individual student. During the first class, students will shoot 5 to 10 ends of 3 arrows. After the first one or two ends our instructors/coaches will be able to determine the appropriate equipment needed for each student according to age, physical capabilities and comfort zone.

* The important thing to consider with purchasing a bow is not how much bow weight you can draw but more important how long you can hold the bow string in anchor position while aiming before releasing. This is usually about 3 to 5 seconds and should be done without over straining the arms, shoulder and back muscles.